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Welcome 2022!

These days, i am feeling a bit down...a combination of sad news from a friend in Israel who passed away and absolute exhaustion.

The exhaustion is a by product of working extra hard...

For so long we have been in survival mode relying on some of our people more than others. We don't care how it gets done as long as it gets done.I mean all of us as a country. This is by no means an exclusive issue in the teaching world but rather a bad habit we as a society have taken on.

The thing is, nothing stayed the same.

Shouldn't we rethink the role of teachers?

What about the way we handle discipline?

I know our school is definitely spending time to care for students emotional needs.

I think this is very important, crucial. Likewise, we should all start thinking about teacher care in a more intentional way and on a National level.

Don't get me wrong, I believe most schools are putting serious effort to help and support their staff as much as they can.

While this is definitely worth our praise, it might not be enough. Perhaps we need a solution on a National level. Perhaps that could bring more effective solutions to the field. Long term solutions.

Forgive me for the detour...Please let us focus on the new year today.

More about my thoughts on this topic a different time.It's New Year's people!

A time for celebration and hope.

A new year signifies new opportunities. I pray it also brings renewal and healing to everyone who needs it.

This is a time to feel grateful for all that we have in our lives. Time to feel grateful for our beautiful families, most of all for our health.

This is the perfect time to count our blessings for many of those who were here are no longer.

Life in itself holds a promise. When there is life there is hope. When there is hope, all is possible.

We need to know that we always have the chance to make new choices,a chance to dream, change, grow and reinvent ourselves if we wish to do so.

I personally hope this year brings me the opportunity to share a new book with the world, perhaps expand the reach of my Super Cactus.

The writer in me is thirsty to share more of that side of myself with the world.

It's so funny (or many be not funny at all😬) how that doesn't translate into me making progress with my Thesis 🤪.

May be I need a muse to encourage me. I'm sure I'll find inspiration and my north with this too.

Well here is to good things for all of us 🥂

2022 bring us all the good things we are ready!

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