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"Toxic social media...Are we part of the problem or the solution?"

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

After many months i finally decided to write a piece. I have so many thoughts and things to share but i have been busy.

So let's get down to business, I'm not sure if this is ok, but sometimes you just have to be brave and say it.

Honesty alert...i hope it is not too much...

Here it goes...

When did it become our full time job to share and exhibit to the extreme?

As someone who enjoys social media and often interacts in multiple platforms, i have to share that i am shocked.

So much of what is out there makes me question where we are as a society.

So many married women constantly seeking attention from perfect strangers sometimes with something to say other times flexing but all the time with an insaciable need to seek attention and highlight how attractive they are.

Help me understand here, if people are seeking to attract others, shouldn't that be done in a dating website?

Regardless of where everyone stands, shouldn't you be single and ready to mingle if you are making such videos?

Not questioning what people wear that is up to them and truly they have every right to make as many videos as they want. I'm only wondering if this is the best use of everyone's time.

This is also true about so many couples making videos about their intimate life, details. So much of this could easily be seen by anyone including their own children. When is too much information too much information?

I know it's a free country i only wonder where are we going with all of it.

Don't get me wrong, I defend the right and freedom of expression.

However, it sometimes feels as if we stopped having anything worthwhile to say.

Women struggled for ages to access education,fair pay, so much of our struggles had to do with having choices, been able to be in charge of our own destiny.

Many of us spent our life getting educated, raising our own and working hard trying to get a seat at the table.

A lot of that is reached trying to have credibility. We are so much more than our bodies.

It breaks my heart to see everyone so focused on their looks and obsessed with the material world.

What kind of examples are we giving to our children?

I'm not one who enjoys criticizing but seeing moms of newborns parading themselves online trying to get attention begs the question, how emotionally available are we to our own children if we are so focused on making videos for perfect strangers?

Not taking about cute baby videos that are endearing, I'm talking about videos to promote and remind everyone they are sexy and desirable.

Perhaps people are truly more alone than we think.

May be this could be a wake up call for us to check in with each other and make sure we are truly there for our friends and family.

What ever happened to living life for us?

There is something to be said about reaching your dreams, doing some introspection.

It would be nice to see some positive change on line.

We can definitely do so much better than spending time glorifying and promote disgusting criminals like Jeffrey Dahmer.

Why not spend our time advocating for those in need, to stop war and to help one another instead?

Perhaps we can focus on bettering our world, taking care of one another.

Perhaps we can spend less time doing our hair and more time trying to accomplish real worthwhile goals.

I have faith we can do better.

It's scary to be so transparent about what you really feel, but it is even scarier stay quiet and let everything continue without attempting to inspire all of us to reflect.

Before posting something on line we can begin to ask ourselves if we would be ok with the post a few years from now. Let's try to be more insightful and less impulsive.

Perhaps surprisingly we will find a lot more time to evolve and become the best version of ourselves.

Food for thought for us all.

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