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"Shake up your life: how to change your own perspective"

Updated: Mar 10, 2022


We all had a crash course on dealing with unexpected, uncomfortable, scary and an inconvenient reality these past few months.

If that was not enough, this summer brought a lot of questions to us mothers and fathers.

To send or not to send our children to camp? To do play dates or not? To travel to a Covid-19 relatively safe location? To attempt and figure our a creative way to entertain our kiddos and ourselves.

For some of us the answers came down to many no responses.

To a backyard camp of my own making.

To counting my blessings that i get to take care of my own, that i have the outdoor space and the possibility to do this.

And so, ladies and gents, perspective is being gained.

Has it been hard?...sure.

Do i sometimes loose my cool and dream of better days when one could get a mani-pedi and blissfully melt away in some much needed "me" time.

Yes, the Pandemic has taken a tow on us all.

But hear me out while i send your way some pearls of wisdom.

Childhood is short people and realistically speaking, how many more Pandemics will we face in our lifetime...Wait don't answer that one lol.

The truth is the world is an uncertain place, we don't have control over all that happens to us or around us.

We do have the opportunity to use this time to make memories, laugh together and yes, make the best of it.

This could mean something different for each of us, take a walk, bake together, go for ice cream, swim in your backyard or simply play a board game.

As for us, the tired parents, carve some "me time" even if it comes to a super small mini moment.

Make a new recipe, paint your nails, buy a new shampoo or face mask, make some cold brew, read a book, learn a new skill, watch a movie, binge watch a new show, write or take a short nap.

If you are really lucky, you may get a kind soul to watch your kiddos while you have a date night with your significant other.

Whatever it is, let's bless our lucky stars for all we do have despite all the darkness out there.

Let's live it up today.

There is no better time than this moment to do so.

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