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Out with the old, in with the new?

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Our society, has taught us that we need to stay current.

Upgrade your computer, upgrade your phone, up grade your house.

It certainly doesn't stop there, we are meant to upgrade our cars,our outfits.

Some in fact upgrade their spouse or romantic partner for a more shinny or a more compatible one.

In a sense, there is something healthy in the idea of seeking constant improvement, a sense of progress.

There is nothing wrong after all with aspiring to get something better.

It speaks about the desire to discover new things, live better.

It is simply part of the very fabric of our society.

This is the need that drives us to new discoveries, new recipes, new inventions, new designs.

I welcome change and all of the above mentioned as well.

I only wonder if we are too quick to let go of the old.

Sometimes new does not mean better.

We are letting go of the old and many times we don't give a second thought nor acknowledge we are loosing something.

We don't give things a moment to see if what we are upgrading for is in fact better.

We trade classics for new devices that require constant charging, smart watches, ear buds.

The list goes on.

Perhaps, what is really bothering me is not the fact that we upgrade but rather that we became a society that acts quickly loosing powerful tools such as introspection, the ability to craft what we want organically and to learn to let go on our own terms.

No one can give us what we don't request but most of us don't even realize we are missing something.

May be it's not always healthy to say out with the old and in with the new.

Carving time to search for spiritual meaning, think and rethink our direction and get off the crazy train of high speeds that is our reality could bring great benefits to ourselves and our families.

May be carving technology free moments could be one example of in with the old and out with some new realities that are taking away connection and dialogue opportunities.

Just food for thought.

May be some new year resolutions don't need to wait until New years.

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