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Bienvenidos! Welcome!

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Hola, hello everyone!

Welcome to my blog.

Grab your favorite beverage and get cozy and comfortable

Let me introduce myself, Ariana, mom of three, Educator, Doctoral Student and Grief counselor.

Odd? May be a little, in a sense all these little pieces of me describe a bit of my nature.

I'm an explorer by nature and a learner for life.

I'm originally from Buenos Aires Argentina.

I came to New York almost 18 years ago also seeking adventure.

I ultimately fell in love with New York and found my love story here in Brooklyn.

Three beautiful children later here we are.

Like many of you, i try to navigate an ever changing reality, raise my kids in a Pandemic while juggling the crazy schedule that i call my life.

In this blog i'm going to share my thoughts on multiple fronts.

I hope my readers will enjoy and have a take away that leads them to wellness, exploration, introspection, a laugh, feel good feeling, feeling less isolated and more understood.

If any of these takeaways end up in your pocket, i'll consider it a job well done!

Read on!

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