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"Argentina's Triumph: When soccer is not just soccer"

Beautiful, emotional and real.

These are the words that popped in my head when I saw this picture.

A tear rolled down my cheek and i knew that emotions were taking over.

I have not lived in Argentina for 20 years.

I still love her and carry her in my soul and my heart.

For me, soccer is passion a simple and pure joy.

The best part of Argentina taking home the trophy and championship, is to be able to see the joy of my people, the joy of every Argentinian.

They deserve this win, they deserve this tremendous happiness because Argentina is a difficult country, one that presents hardships to it's citizens. It has an economy that is unpredictable with political leadership that is corrupt and inefficient.

The people, they are and have always been the best that we have. Our geography also is one of a kind. Of course, soccer and Messi are our crown.

For me, watching the World Cup and supporting Argentina, is going back in time to my childhood.

Those days when my old man and my uncles did the exact same each World Cup in our living room. Screaming, laughing and tearing a little too.

My dad, may he rest in peace, is no longer here with us. However,I'm absolutely sure that he's celebrating in heaven the fact that we are Champions after 36 years, without a doubt.

We the Argentinian people, watch the World Cup with our own personal ghosts. With every goal there is nostalgia, history, happiness and even sadness and pain. This runs very deep within us.

Perhaps now you can all better understand us. You can better understand the joy, euphoria and insanity.

This is who we are, beautiful people who carry our hearts in our selves.

I want take this opportunity to offer my respects to all the countries that played with us.

All your teams had wonderful athletes, really good ones indeed.

There is no shame here for anyone to take home, soccer can be like that.

Today you win tomorrow you lose.

For us, Argentinians, it came down to a win, after 36 years.

Needless to say, this is nothing short of glorious.

History has been written and we were all fortunate to witness it.


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